Hi there!
Took me a while to wright on my blogg, been busy as. I did type on my friday eve but my computer muntered up and everything i written disappeared. 

So anyway Matt, Ciara-Lee and i left tauranga on saturday to stay on a hotel near the airport up in Auckland and little girl was so good and slept the whole way upp. When we arrived and took her up from the carseat she had done a massive poo and it came everywhere, lol. We washed up and all good!! hihi We had a nice and cozy eve all 3 togheter.
Woke up early sunday morning and droved the 5 min drive to the airport. When we got to the check-in they tell us that we not gonna get the basinette seat!!! I went mad and said i booked that seat so of course i wont and need it for Ciaar-Lee.  After lots of talking they said that it might be a couple that book that seat that not coming and if so we can have it. Well that was no garanti so i brought the cocoon with me just in case.
2 hours later we said goodbye to daddy Matt and as we walked in trought the security  control i burst in to tears!! =(
A nice lady took my hand and comfort, walked and talked to me till i felt better.
Down at gate24 where our flight departed from a man came and said that we could have the bassinette seat... GREAT!
      good bye pappa mattsleeping in the basinett on the plancuddle with my mum when we arrived
         nana and ciara-leebubba got a small present, little cute bunny that she just love to bite!!tired bubs when we got to grany´s house

             surprise!!!playing with grandadat the zoo with grany´s and friends
     picknick at the zoolooking at orangutanspat the goat´sfall asleep in grandad´s arm´s

       daddy orangutaneaunty and cuzzie´scizzie wendy´s and ciara-leecuzzie jack and ciara-lee

                                                               playing with cuzzie´s

Postat av: rebecca

haha vilken snygg min jag gör!!!!!

2009-08-08 @ 00:42:37
URL: http://metrobloggen.se/beccazin
Postat av: Lotti

Men ååååh va mysigt ni ser ut att ha de!! :)

2009-08-08 @ 19:51:07
Postat av: nattli

jag tror jag dör, vilken sötnos men det är ju inte så konstigt hon brås ju på sin mamma! när ska man få träffa er då'?

2009-08-12 @ 21:54:46
Postat av: ciccii

Här är min bloggadress! Vi kan hålla kontakt via bloggen så ska jag skaff skype. Tack för att du tog dig tid att ses. Massa krmar från oss!

2009-08-20 @ 21:24:46
URL: http://ciccccian.blogg.se/

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