3 weeks in sweden...already gone

                                 my lovely brother and I...love u!!

This is the end of our trip, leaving sweden on monday at 6.05pm swedish time (nz time 4.05am tuesday) We have had an amazing time, very short and intense, but it´s been a lovely time here with family and friends.
We looking forward to come home to daddy matt now, we missed him like crazy!!
Have spent most time with family. 3 weeks has gone very fast and there is so many friends we wanna see in such a short time!!
Ciara-Lee has received so many gifts!! we wont fit them in our bags!!! nana and poppa gonna send them to us. Have called the airlanes and checked so that Ciara-Lee has the basinette seat booked for her.
Tomorrow we gonna have some firends over for coffee to say goodbye...very sad.
Leaving on monday and be back in nz on wednesday morning.
Well, see u soon kiwi land!!
bath in the sinc with nanasitting alone =Pcosy time eith uncle henricplay time!aunty were and cuzzi jenna

my friend cicci and her boyfriend came and visitcuzzie jenna and ciara-lee in same track siut.i play tarzan, swing in the lian.morning powerwalks

Postat av: Martin

Det var kul att träffa dig och Ciara-Lee,om jag har vägarna förbi Nya Zeeland nån gång så lovar jag att titta in på en kopp kaffe. Hoppas att resan hem inte blir för jobbig

2009-08-23 @ 11:59:40
Postat av: ciccii

gick din hemresa bra? Kramar från oss!

2009-08-27 @ 22:48:10
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