Continue trip to sweden

The rest of the flight went so well and she did so so good, she is a real star!! After 3 hours delay from Singapore and 2 more flights we arrived safe in Stockholm, Sweden. yay!! The luggage was gone but it didnt matter, we were finally there.
We cuddle with grandparent´s when we come out, it was so nice to be there with them. On the way home to granparent´s house and where i grow up we stopt at 1 of my sisters house and said hi, i took a nice and cool swim in there small pool it was freezing but i felt so much fresher after. We arrived in Gävle my hometown and jsut had a early eve.

Tuesday my other sister came over with here 3 kids it was so nice to see them, as we were sitting in the kitchen suddenly a whole group of friend´s... overe 10 people with kids came and suprised ciara-lee and I. They had balloons, i big sign with a photo of us and everyone had signed it, cakes and flowers!! I was stocked. Crying, laughing, shaking everything at the same time and i felt so special, so many of my friend´s were there and it was just unbelievable. We had a great time and I didn´t want it to end!!

Wednesday we went to the zoo and the park where i use to work at the youth circus and on all different places around the park. We saw big orangutan´s, baby monkey´s, camel´s, goat´s, lemur and more. We watch the circus show i use to be in but it was to loud for bubba so poppa took her out for a lttle walk and carried her around in he´s arm´s. When the show was over and we came out to them Ciara-Lee had fall assleep in he´s arm!! It made me cry. She looked so relaxed and comfy with him there. We Had a wonderful day togther just amazing!!

Thursday we went shoping with nana, we were both very very spoiled!!

Friday and the weekend we went swiming in the river, had lovely weather, sunny and very warm days. Spent most time with the whole family playing and so. Had some friend coming over on saturday eve and just chating away.

We r having a great time here, getting very spoiled and lots and lots and lots of presents. The weather is jsut perfect so far. Taking long morning walks with my parent´s...good powerwalks and other nice training. When till my old circus school today and did some air acrobatic trainging, didn´t do to well but what could i expect after 4 years off and lazyness.
Only 2 weeks to go now....time is going so fast but it´s ok coz then we see daddy matt soon again, we miss u so so much. love u darling.

cheers cuzzies!!


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